Monday 29 September 2014

Video Production Shot List

Video Production-Shot List
Film Title-                    Group Names- Henry Ward, Kira Stokes, Alice Smith, Jake Matthews
Shot no.
Establishing shot of the street in which our Soap Opera is set
Tilted frame looking up towards the young girl being sick
Close up on the girl leaning over the sink
Pan upwards to see the girl looking in the mirror
Man sitting on a bench walks a young woman walk past, he then decides to follow her
Before he leaves the bench he takes off his wedding ring and places it down on the bench
The wife then comes to pick up the ring that has been left on the bench
Extreme close up focusing on the ring and then focusing on the woman’s face through the ring
Fades into a lady washing up some dishes at a kitchen sink
Extreme close up of a bloody knife in the sink
Medium shot of the kitchen from behind the lady’s head looking at her husband
Close up of the lady’s dead husband
Extreme close up of the husbands hand dripping with blood
Extreme close up of red wine being poured into a glass
Medium shot of the wine glass in the foreground and the girl portraying sloth in the background
Extreme close up of the girl drinking the wine
Fast forwarded piece of footage
Medium shot of two people kissing up against a brick wall down an alley way
Long shot of the family having a group photograph
Extreme close up of camera
Same as shot 19
Close up of the bruises on Mrs Victoria’s arm when Mr Victoria’s grabs her arm
Medium shot of scared Mrs Victoria

Close up of a burning picture
Laburnum Road
Alice’s Bathroom

“ ”
“ ”
Sand Hills
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”
Kira’s kitchen
“ ”
 “ ”
“ ”
“ ”
Alice’s Hallway
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”
Glebe Road
Sandy Upper School
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”

Sand Hills
To be shot during the day, filmed with the camera placed on a moving car
Shot to be slightly blurred through editing
 Written on her hand will be the number 1
Girl looks shocked and worried and is very pale, careful not to see camera in the reflection.
This is a short scene and leave the audience questioning what they are seeing
This scene indicates to the audience that is a player, behind him we see another woman watching him supposedly his wife
Scored into the bench will be a number 2 which the camera will focus on
 We will have to pay particular attention to our editing skills and also accuracy
The plate will be matched up with the ring from the previous scene
The knife will slowly turn the water red in the sink, there will be a number 3 made out of soap suds
Zooms in to over the shoulder shot
Connoting that she has killed him
Fades into next scene
There will be a number 4 on the wine bottle
Person who is portraying the sloth will be wearing all blue
Pans out to see the girl sitting on the sofa
Sped up to connote time passing, people will be walking backwards and forwards to show laziness
Zooms in to a close up of the two people, number 5 written on the wall
Camera needed as prop
Flashes to change shot
Chalk and pastels needed to create the effect and number 6 written on his hand

Number 7 written on the back of the picture

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