Monday 29 September 2014

Video Production Shot List

Video Production-Shot List
Film Title-                    Group Names- Henry Ward, Kira Stokes, Alice Smith, Jake Matthews
Shot no.
Establishing shot of the street in which our Soap Opera is set
Tilted frame looking up towards the young girl being sick
Close up on the girl leaning over the sink
Pan upwards to see the girl looking in the mirror
Man sitting on a bench walks a young woman walk past, he then decides to follow her
Before he leaves the bench he takes off his wedding ring and places it down on the bench
The wife then comes to pick up the ring that has been left on the bench
Extreme close up focusing on the ring and then focusing on the woman’s face through the ring
Fades into a lady washing up some dishes at a kitchen sink
Extreme close up of a bloody knife in the sink
Medium shot of the kitchen from behind the lady’s head looking at her husband
Close up of the lady’s dead husband
Extreme close up of the husbands hand dripping with blood
Extreme close up of red wine being poured into a glass
Medium shot of the wine glass in the foreground and the girl portraying sloth in the background
Extreme close up of the girl drinking the wine
Fast forwarded piece of footage
Medium shot of two people kissing up against a brick wall down an alley way
Long shot of the family having a group photograph
Extreme close up of camera
Same as shot 19
Close up of the bruises on Mrs Victoria’s arm when Mr Victoria’s grabs her arm
Medium shot of scared Mrs Victoria

Close up of a burning picture
Laburnum Road
Alice’s Bathroom

“ ”
“ ”
Sand Hills
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”
Kira’s kitchen
“ ”
 “ ”
“ ”
“ ”
Alice’s Hallway
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”
Glebe Road
Sandy Upper School
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”
“ ”

Sand Hills
To be shot during the day, filmed with the camera placed on a moving car
Shot to be slightly blurred through editing
 Written on her hand will be the number 1
Girl looks shocked and worried and is very pale, careful not to see camera in the reflection.
This is a short scene and leave the audience questioning what they are seeing
This scene indicates to the audience that is a player, behind him we see another woman watching him supposedly his wife
Scored into the bench will be a number 2 which the camera will focus on
 We will have to pay particular attention to our editing skills and also accuracy
The plate will be matched up with the ring from the previous scene
The knife will slowly turn the water red in the sink, there will be a number 3 made out of soap suds
Zooms in to over the shoulder shot
Connoting that she has killed him
Fades into next scene
There will be a number 4 on the wine bottle
Person who is portraying the sloth will be wearing all blue
Pans out to see the girl sitting on the sofa
Sped up to connote time passing, people will be walking backwards and forwards to show laziness
Zooms in to a close up of the two people, number 5 written on the wall
Camera needed as prop
Flashes to change shot
Chalk and pastels needed to create the effect and number 6 written on his hand

Number 7 written on the back of the picture

Storyboard For Our Soap Opera

This is the storyboard which we created as a group and all helped plan out the different shots together. We felt that it was important for everyone in the group to have a say and for everyone to be able to input their different ideas into the soap opera trailer. The trailer is the main thing that will be drawing in viewers and if this isn't planned correctly then the soap opera may not be successful as many soap operas have proven throughout the years, without the correct form of advertising and marketing they will not succeed and run for many years to come. 


Actors Permission Sheet

This is our actors permission sheet, it gives us physical evidence that the actor has agreed to be filmed a not take any royalties from it, this is especially important as one of our actors is under the age of 16 and we will need their parents/guardians permission in order to film them.

Please print and sign this document and return along with your film entry.
I hereby grant permission for JAHK Productions to use my film/photo image for display on YouTube and, G324: Media Studies JAHK Productions, and to appear in the trailer myself.

Signed: ____________________________ Date:__________________________

Print Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Telephone : _______________________________________________________
Email : ____________________________________________________________

For actors under 16 years of age, please have a parent
or guardian complete the bottom portion of this form.
I, _____________________________________, the parent or guardian
 of _____________________________________, hereby give my consent
to JAHK Productions to use any film/photo images taken of my child for the purposes set forth above.

Signature of
Parent or Guardian:________________________ Date: ____________________
Print Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Telephone : _______________________________________________________

Email : ___________________________________________________________


Poster Draft

This draft poster is essentially a scaled back version of what our finalised idea could look like. It currently lacks the presence of the characters since the photos are yet to be taken, but following that they will be neatly incorporated into the poster as well as the TV Listings cover. The photos used for the poster will differ compared to that of the TV Listings cover,

The name/title used is currently a placeholder until our group has chosen which one we would like to use - and it will subsequently be changed accordingly. In addition to this, the time/date on the poster will change for whatever we choose instead, with this one just showing where it could be positioned and what it could look like.

The background image could be different, with the possibility of the current one being used in a portrait form rather than landscape form, to be used as the background of the TV Listings cover instead - or it could be used for this poster as the example demonstrates.


Thursday 25 September 2014

Minutes Record Sheet

Date of meeting: 22/9/14
Held at: G2

People present:
- Kira Stokes
- Alice Smith
- Henry Ward
- Jake Matthews

Matters Discussed

Person to take action/discussed by

Date to be Completed


Actors Call Sheet


Friday (continued from last week)


Shot List


Friday (continued from last week)

Location Write Up




Colour Analysis




Finish Storyboard

Alice/ Henry



Confirmation of Actors for Trailer


Friday (completed)

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Costume Colour Analysis

The colour schemes represented in our Soap Opera trailer are important for representing our idea of each character being based on the '7 deadly sins'. Colour is a key feature of mise-en-scene which we need to focus dramatically on, contributing to our scenes and helping with continuity. For each sin, we have devised a colour which we researched to be the connotation of each factor; this will help us portray the idea of the 7 deadly sins more obviously to our audience.

1. Vanity - Purple
The colour purple is representative of vanity, the "sin" that is being represented through the character of Amy, portrayed in our trailer by Beth Deans. Vanity is connoted through the idea that Amy is keeping her weight issues hidden, linked to her obsession with her appearance and representation. We will connote the colour purple through the use of her costume, which will significantly highlight her link to the sin that she is portraying; this is important as we want to signify what we are portraying as soon as the trailer begins, and vanity is the first sin that we decided to cover.

2.Greed - Pink
Greed is being represented by Danny, played by Henry Ward, and will be dressed in an item of clothing that is coloured pink. The pink colour represents the greed that he possesses filling in the character role of 'womaniser', chasing all these women even after being wedded to character, Jackie. We will either colour an item of clothing pink, to represent this greed, or to include a pink ring, a prop that he places down to signify that he is married but unfaithful; we will need to find a pink ring, however, although we will most likely choose Henry, our actor, to wear a pink item of clothing, such as a tie.

3.Wrath - Black
Jackie, portrayed by Kira Stokes, is in the marriage to Danny, the womaniser that is presenting greed. She is connoting wrath, meaning that she is dressed in black while in the scene she is washing up. However, unlike the usual everyday idea of a stereotypical wife washing up, her husband, Danny is dead in the background of the shot. We can connote wrath using the colour of black, that we have decided to portray in her costume, almost influencing the idea that she is attending a funeral.

4. Sloth - Blue
Blue is the colour connoting sloth, portrayed in the frame by the character, Billie (portrayed by Alice Smith), sitting on a sofa, watching the world go by. Although sloth is usually linked to the idea of laziness, we have portrayed Billie with depression. Unlike the other characters, the representation of blue in the scene is through the blue sofa that Billie will be sat on during the shoot.

5. Lust - Red
Ray and Matt will be the characters connoting the sin of 'lust', dressed in the colour red. A deep red colour is the matching colour of lust, and will be shown through the costume colour of both characters connoting lust. This will be shown through the costuming of items such as a dark red hoodie or T-Shirt.

6. Pride - Gold
The Victoria family will be connoting pride, meaning that in the scene we will need to include the colour gold. Similar to all our other shots, we will connote this colour through costume ideas, with each member of the Victoria family sporting an item of gold clothing, potentially jewellery, which will be an easy and  effective way of representing the colour gold which notifies the audience on the sin that is pride. Although pride may be represented as someone that is pretentious, we have decided to portray this theme through the pride in keeping up appearances, although it is clear the family is falling apart from a shot exposing the domestic abuse that has been inflicted upon Mrs Victoria from her husband. Those portraying the family are Shaun and Jaden Klopper and Laura Dunne.

7. Envy - Green
Our last character, who is unnamed due to her not being fully shown in the shot, represents envy, coloured green. Her envious state is represented through her seen in the shot burning a photo of Amy, portrayed by Beth Deans, seen in the first shot of the trailer. As we do not see the character representing envy, we need to ensure that the colour will be represented different through mise-en-scene, such as us filming outside, surrounded by greenery.


Actor Profiles

Amy Phillips
Portrayed by: Beth Deans
Age of character: 18
Age of Actor: 17
Height: 5'6
Character Description: Amy is the first character that we see in the trailer, focused in the bathroom portraying her bulimia. Amy is the character that is seen as quite confident and outgoing, however she is hiding her issues with her weight, portraying in the scene vanity, the first of the 7 deadly sins present in the trailer. Amy is practically the leader of the friendship group, but is connoted as one of the weakest characters in the Soap.
Propp's Stock Character: Princess - With a demon hanging over her, she is in need to be rescued.
Use of character: Anorexia and bulimia isn't usually connoted in soap operas due to the fragile content that it may include. If we portray this tastefully, with Beth carrying out the character well, the controversial topic can hopefully raise awareness for so many suffering from the illness and can try and reach out for help.

Billie Sales
Portrayed by: Sarah Ritter
Age of character: 18
Age of Actor: 18
Height: 5'7
Character Description: Billie is best friends with Amy and is one of the characters seen later in the trailer. She is connoting the sin of 'Sloth', due to her chronic depression. Unlike Amy, everyone in the group is aware of Billie's condition, and is seen in the trailer sitting on a sofa, watching the world go by. She isolates herself from everyone around her and soon deceives an unbalanced mental state which begins to take a toll on everyone around her, but most significantly herself, putting her future in danger.
Propp's Stock Character: Princess - like Amy, she is in need to be saved.
Use of character: The portrayal of depression can help audience members reach out and find help after we have advertised the issues and effects that follow; this can be recognised as helpful for audience members.

Ray Davies
Portrayed by: Joseph Peacock
Age of character: 18
Age of Actor: 17
Height: 5'10
Character Description: Ray is seen to be in a relationship with Ellena, however is still under wraps. We see both Ray and Ellena included in the young group of teens alongside Billie, Amy and others not seen in the trailer. Ray is portrayed as quite a happy character, however, keeping his and Ellena's secret from, not only his family but his friends as well, is starting to weigh on him.
Propp's Stock Character: The Hero - he takes charge and wants to fight for what he truly believes in.
Use of character: Along with Ellena, the use of the two is to create a conventional on-screen relationship, although we are trying to change the narrative by creating a plot that involved two close friends taking part in a secret relationship.

Ellena Fisher
Portrayed by: Sophie Byrne
Age of character: 18
Age of Actor: 17
Height: 5'10
Character Description: Ellena, paired with Ray, represents 'lust' in the trailer, although we are aware that the characters do not lust each other, but are more in love. They hide their relationship from everybody they know, although everyone is aware that they are best friends. Although Ray is willing to tell everyone about their relationship, Ellena is less confident in telling everyone.
Propp's Stock Character: Princess - She has trouble accepting her present, but with help from Ray, the hero, she is slowly working her way out of regret and sorrow.

Danny Gray
Portrayed by: Henry Ward
Age of character: 32
Age of Actor: 17
Height: 5'10
Character Description: Danny is much older than the previous characters and comes in as a prop to attract an older audience base. Danny represents 'greed', shown in the trailer when he decides to take his wedding band off to chase a younger female; he is known for his shenanigans surroundings his "taking" of women, and his wife is already aware of this.
Propp's Stock Character: The false hero - a character will be put in to place within the other episodes to represent Danny as the false hero; he believes that he is "rescuing princesses" from their turmoil, although pursuing them isn't the same concept.
Use of character: Every soap includes a character that is presented as the 'womaniser' which is why we decided to include Danny in our cast list. It is a stereotypical view of a "jack-the-lad", which fits in to the character list seen in other soaps, such as EastEnders, who has the character of Dean, and Hollyoaks with Ziggy.

Jackie Thorne
Portrayed by: Kira Stokes
Age of character: 42
Age of Actor: 17
Height: 5'6
Character Description: Jackie, also an older character, connotes 'wrath' in the trailer, portrayed by her holding a knife with her husband unfortunately dead on the chair behind her. She is mysterious to those on the street however, taking her husband's death as an accident, nobody believes that she is the murderer that she is.
Propp's Stock Character: Villain - her murderous ways causes her to be a villain, and being kept under wraps means that anyone could be her next victim.
Use of character: The murderous villain in Soap Operas are utilised particularly in the main story plots as they create entertaining storyline, especially when the audience members are always routing against them.

The Victoria family
Portrayed by: Shaun Klopper, Jaden Klopper, Laura Dunne
Age of character(s): Shaun - 36, Jaden - 7, Laura - 36
Age of Actor(s): Shaun - 17, Jaden - 7, Laura - 18
Height: Shaun - 5'7, Jaden - 4'1, Laura - 5'5
Character Description: The Victoria family connote pride in the way of 'keeping up appearances' to ensure that they are viewed respectively on the street. However, behind closed doors, Mr Victoria is extremely dangerous, especially towards Mrs Victoria and their son, who are under the attack of domestic violence. Mrs Victoria is trying her hardest to escape, purely to save her son, although she is portrayed as extremely frightened of her "loving" husband.
Propp's Stock Character: Mr Victoria; The Villain - inflicting pain on his wife, as well as child, causes him to fall under the category of one of the largest villains in the soap. Mrs Victoria; Princess - waiting to be rescued by anyone that comes her way, for the mean time she is stuck in the house with the villainous Mr Victoria. 'Child' - Princess - also in the state with his mother, he awaits rescuing from the grasps of his evil father.


Woman walking past Danny Gray [Henry] - Helping to portray his greed for other women

Portrayed by: Alice Smith
Age of character: 26
Age of Actor: 17
Height: 5'7
Use of character: As said before, we wanted to ensure that all controversial ideas were represented, so we decided to also cover a story based on domestic violence. Although this is a conventional story covered in soap operas, we think that by portraying this in our plot we can raise awareness on the issue that so many people suffer through.

Men walking past Billie Sales [Sarah] - Contributes to the scene's special effects

Portrayed by: Nathan Gower, Thomas Brown
Age of character(s): Nathan - 18, Thomas - 18
Age of Actor(s): Nathan - 17, Thomas - 17
Height: Nathan - 5'9, Thomas - 5'10
Use of Character: When editing our film, we will speed up the scene so that they seem to be moving fast whereas Sarah, portraying Billie, would not be moving at all. Her lack of movement in comparison to these two extras emphasises her depression that we are linking to the sin of sloth, providing an unconventional view on the subject.

[Kira & Alice]