Tuesday 23 September 2014

Costume Colour Analysis

The colour schemes represented in our Soap Opera trailer are important for representing our idea of each character being based on the '7 deadly sins'. Colour is a key feature of mise-en-scene which we need to focus dramatically on, contributing to our scenes and helping with continuity. For each sin, we have devised a colour which we researched to be the connotation of each factor; this will help us portray the idea of the 7 deadly sins more obviously to our audience.

1. Vanity - Purple
The colour purple is representative of vanity, the "sin" that is being represented through the character of Amy, portrayed in our trailer by Beth Deans. Vanity is connoted through the idea that Amy is keeping her weight issues hidden, linked to her obsession with her appearance and representation. We will connote the colour purple through the use of her costume, which will significantly highlight her link to the sin that she is portraying; this is important as we want to signify what we are portraying as soon as the trailer begins, and vanity is the first sin that we decided to cover.

2.Greed - Pink
Greed is being represented by Danny, played by Henry Ward, and will be dressed in an item of clothing that is coloured pink. The pink colour represents the greed that he possesses filling in the character role of 'womaniser', chasing all these women even after being wedded to character, Jackie. We will either colour an item of clothing pink, to represent this greed, or to include a pink ring, a prop that he places down to signify that he is married but unfaithful; we will need to find a pink ring, however, although we will most likely choose Henry, our actor, to wear a pink item of clothing, such as a tie.

3.Wrath - Black
Jackie, portrayed by Kira Stokes, is in the marriage to Danny, the womaniser that is presenting greed. She is connoting wrath, meaning that she is dressed in black while in the scene she is washing up. However, unlike the usual everyday idea of a stereotypical wife washing up, her husband, Danny is dead in the background of the shot. We can connote wrath using the colour of black, that we have decided to portray in her costume, almost influencing the idea that she is attending a funeral.

4. Sloth - Blue
Blue is the colour connoting sloth, portrayed in the frame by the character, Billie (portrayed by Alice Smith), sitting on a sofa, watching the world go by. Although sloth is usually linked to the idea of laziness, we have portrayed Billie with depression. Unlike the other characters, the representation of blue in the scene is through the blue sofa that Billie will be sat on during the shoot.

5. Lust - Red
Ray and Matt will be the characters connoting the sin of 'lust', dressed in the colour red. A deep red colour is the matching colour of lust, and will be shown through the costume colour of both characters connoting lust. This will be shown through the costuming of items such as a dark red hoodie or T-Shirt.

6. Pride - Gold
The Victoria family will be connoting pride, meaning that in the scene we will need to include the colour gold. Similar to all our other shots, we will connote this colour through costume ideas, with each member of the Victoria family sporting an item of gold clothing, potentially jewellery, which will be an easy and  effective way of representing the colour gold which notifies the audience on the sin that is pride. Although pride may be represented as someone that is pretentious, we have decided to portray this theme through the pride in keeping up appearances, although it is clear the family is falling apart from a shot exposing the domestic abuse that has been inflicted upon Mrs Victoria from her husband. Those portraying the family are Shaun and Jaden Klopper and Laura Dunne.

7. Envy - Green
Our last character, who is unnamed due to her not being fully shown in the shot, represents envy, coloured green. Her envious state is represented through her seen in the shot burning a photo of Amy, portrayed by Beth Deans, seen in the first shot of the trailer. As we do not see the character representing envy, we need to ensure that the colour will be represented different through mise-en-scene, such as us filming outside, surrounded by greenery.


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