Monday 29 September 2014

Poster Draft

This draft poster is essentially a scaled back version of what our finalised idea could look like. It currently lacks the presence of the characters since the photos are yet to be taken, but following that they will be neatly incorporated into the poster as well as the TV Listings cover. The photos used for the poster will differ compared to that of the TV Listings cover,

The name/title used is currently a placeholder until our group has chosen which one we would like to use - and it will subsequently be changed accordingly. In addition to this, the time/date on the poster will change for whatever we choose instead, with this one just showing where it could be positioned and what it could look like.

The background image could be different, with the possibility of the current one being used in a portrait form rather than landscape form, to be used as the background of the TV Listings cover instead - or it could be used for this poster as the example demonstrates.


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