Monday 22 September 2014


Which institution did we choose and why?

Our soap opera must take place on a specified channel in order to show it to our audience that consume these programmes on TV. We have researched the varying institutions and have subsequently decided which one would fit our soap opera the most appropriately.

The above image shows some examples of the institutions and the respective soap(s) that they host.

We have chosen E4 as the channel to debut and broadcast our soap. E4 was chosen because there would be less competition internally to the institution, although E4 is still owned by Channel 4 who advertise Hollyoaks, a popular soap that has a similar target audience to us. E4 have a demographic of 16 to 24 year olds, which is the exact target audience that we are aiming for, with predominantly females being those most likely to watch our programme. Despite there being a gap in the market to aim a soap opera at the male gender (since there is no soap that does so entirely), we believe that due to the presence of stereotypical behaviour and the story plots in our soap that we are advertising, it is clear that our programme is most likely to cater for and attract the female audience.

Despite this broadcaster also being home to many shows made and debuted in America, E4 has also exclusively been home to British dramas such as Skins, Misfits, My Mad Fat Diary, Youngers, and most recently, Glue. E4 is available on Freeview, so it is easily accessible to anyone that owns a television. Viewers can also catch up online, or using the E4+1 platform which repeats the episode an hour after it was initially aired. E4 is also well known for its distinctive promotion and advertising, and the channel has long been popular among its target audience. All of these traits and attributes collectively contribute to the choosing of E4 since it is the best fitting institution to air and advertise our soap.


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