Tuesday 16 September 2014

TV Magazine Front Cover Plan

TV Listings Magazines seem to all follow a conventional layout, in regards to what is placed on the front cover, the colour scheme provided as well as the layout in general. Buzz words and attractive colours are used regularly to influence readers to purchase and read the magazines, which is important for our Soap Opera as we need to advertise our soap to build up a frequent viewer base. 
Our plan for our magazine has covered our conventional layout in order to advertise our Soap and the popular plots that will be current in our programme. This includes producing an attractive and catchy headline, in relation to our main image and present storyline; we discussed various ideas for our main image and headline combination, including the link of Amy and Billie, presented with the headline, "TENSION ON THE STREET". 

If the text on the photo is too hard to read;

  • Masthead

The masthead isn't as important when advertising our Soap as it is the logo of the magazine, however when producing the magazine we will need to ensure that a masthead is in place to follow the conventional layout of a TV Listings Magazine. This is the same for the price and barcode which are to be located on the magazine, either on the front or back.

  • Colour Scheme

After researching various magazines, we realised that blue was the most conventional background with the main articles being coloured in bright colours, such as yellows and pinks. The masthead and banner are usually of a red colour as it draws our eye towards them due to the connotations of the colour usually meaning warning, grabbing our attention immediately. Although these are conventional colours, we may not go for these as they are garish and not appealing to the eye. Creating an attractive colour scheme as well as producing something unconventional means that prospective readers will be drawn to it as it stands out from the rest, bringing attention to our Soap Opera that is located as the main image.

  • Main Image

The main image will include a picture of a selection of our characters present in our trailer, preferably Amy and Billie, with the headline stating the tension between the two. The main image is the main focus of the magazine as it is the largest advertisement in relation to the other coverlines.

  • Headline

The headline will be linked to our main image and will be eye-catching to the reader. It will be short and snappy, for example “TENSION ON THE STREET” and will be followed by a short sentence underneath linking it to the image. This could be along the lines of, “Billie and Amy’s friendship takes a fall”. To attract the audience even more, we could produce a rhetorical question, such as, “what is to become of Billie and Amy?”

  • Coverlines

The coverlines will focus on other soaps, such as EastEnders and Hollyoaks to advertise to readers that the magazine is specifically targeted towards Soaps. These will frame our main image of our soap, and almost advertise our Soap Opera that is the main image as superior in comparison.


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