Thursday 20 November 2014

Photographs from Filming

These photos were taken during our filming of the first scene located down Laburnham road. We took them while filming as well as using photos of team members Henry and Kira who are to be on the front cover. We were able to shoot the photos that we are going to use for our magazine front cover as well as our soap opera poster.
This was the location that we were going to film for our trailer opening. Alice is in the shot, filming using the video recorder.

These were taken for our front cover. We decided to take various shots as we were not sure on what type of photo we wanted for our cover.

 We used Henry's auntie's house to film these photos.

We took this last photo for the poster idea, which we initially wanted to include a landscape design. However, after we had edited other photos, we decided we wanted a character poster that framed our characters.

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