Monday 24 November 2014

Magazine Fonts and Title

As a group we discussed what we felt our name for our magazine should be and we came up with the idea of "WOW TV!" we felt that this was an ideal name for our magazine as it was powerful and also captured the readers attention. Some of the other names that we thought of included: 
-  Gogglebox TV
-  Telly Times
-   Guide

We wanted to go with something simple and also powerful which is why we chose "WOW TV" and also the reason we added the exclamation mark. This also gives the magazine a more modern feel which is something we are looking to achieve especially as this is also our target market for our soap opera. This is something we need to remember when creating our magazine front colour especially with the colour we choose to use. 

This font is very quirky and original which certainly makes it stand out however as it isn't one block of colour it does make it harder to read and makes readers really focus on the title, some people may see this as a positive however we want readers to see and instantly recognise our logo.

This is the final font we chose to use for our magazine front cover, the font was easy to read but also bold enough to be able to read from afar attracting potential customers to our magazine.
We also liked the simplicity of this font however the letters we felt where too thin to be used as the title font for our magazine and would be more appropriate for something that didn't need to stand out as much. The title of our magazine is one of the most important features and therefore needs to bee prominent. 

Much like with the previous font the letters are too thin and would get lossed in the busy crowded magazine front cover we have planned, especially as television magazines often include a lot of bright colours and images. 

This font is very sophisticated and reminded us of something that would be seen in the 1920 and wasn't very modern which we want our font to capture. We do however like how bold this font is and we are confident that we would like to replicate this thickness in a more modern font if possible.

This was our second option that we had as a back up to our initial choice, the font is clear to read and the line across the top of the words makes it modern and also quirky. The reason this wasn't our final choice was because some team members felt that it looked a little like a television channel logo. 

This was our third option for our magazine font as we felt this was the most modern font we had chosen and really suited the target audience of our soap opera however we needed to remember that the TV listings magazine wasn't just for the younger generation but needed to be targeted at a much wider audience.

This font was far to retro for the magazine and really didn't fit with what we wanted our magazine to connote to the reader. This font like many of the others didn't include the serif additions which made the font look much more formal and is another reason for choosing our final font. 

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