Tuesday 25 November 2014

Re-drafted Poster Design

The re-drafted poster was based upon the original draft as seen below:

The title was changed, and the correct date was added along with the institution's logo in the top-left corner. Most importantly, the background picture was changed to a photo our group shot at a location visit.

However after the premier of our soap opera trailer we wanted to act upon the feedback we where given. Some of the comments towards our first ancillary product included;
"The product is too dark and hard to be able to see from a distance so could be lighter"
"The E4 logo needs to be bigger"

From these comments we have chosen to lighten the poster and also make the logo bigger as we feel it is important to take on board viewers comments as they are ultimately the people who need to be able to gather the information from the poster.

We also felt that we needed too look back at our poster evaluation and act upon the comments we had made on them. One change we feel we really needed to change after looking at these was the positioning of the E4 logo as this is crucial to the soap operas success. The bottom right hand corner is the last place that your eye is drawn to and there for the most memorable place for any key information to be placed just after the bottom left hand corner, which is why we have chosen to move the information on our poster. 

This is the final poster:

[Jake & Alice]

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