Monday 10 November 2014

Photographs from Filming

These are the photographs from the day of filming scenes 9-13 at Kira's house. The people that where present at the day of filming included Kira Stokes, Henry Ward and Alice Smith. The 3 of us had the task of choosing the correct angles and following the storyboard and groups ideas. It was down to us to ensure that the shots we filmed were up to the standard of the group so we ensured that we took as many shots of each scene to get the best possible result. The photographs mainly show the location we where filming in and also the fake wound we had to create on Henry's neck to connote that his character has been murdered. They were taken on my DSLR camera to ensure that the photographs where the best possible quality in case we decide to use these later on within any of our products.

In order to create Henry's fake wound we used:

Liquid latex
Fake skin
Red food colouring
Fake Blood
Make up 

We wanted Henry to look as if he has just been murdered which is why we decided to splatter the 'Blood' down his arm and also why his eyes are closed and he is draped awkwardly over the sofa.

These where some of the different camera angles we chose to film at to get the best possible result from our filming time. As we only had 3 hours, including the time we had to create the wound we needed to work quickly so discussing these camera angles where done whilst other things where being sorted out. The 3 of us all helped with the preparation and set-up of the set and this saved a lot of time. 
This was an action shot of us setting up and Henry testing out the positioning on the sofa to see what the best angle would be. 

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