Tuesday 7 October 2014

Potential Music Trailer Ideas

The music that accompanies our trailer is important for connoting the mood, especially as we have decided that we will have no dialogue in our whole trailer. As of this, the music will need to take full attention, including all the elements that we want it to have, such as lyrics and a mysterious, yet entertaining, atmosphere.

 I Don't Think About You Anymore But, I Don't Think About You Any Less by Hungry Ghosts

The song connotes the sinister atmosphere that we were looking for; we looked at including music that had a mysterious sound in the background. This has quite a repetitive guitar melody that is very soft and placid before we here a tight string not come in with a motif with a tango influence but still very intense. this is what gives it that sinister edge we were looking for, nothing too dark and nothing too calm. however the song is very repetitive all the we though and does not change, it also has no lyrics and as our piece will have no dialogue we will need some lyrics as complete silence could make the piece sound dull.

Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun by M83

This track was taken from of of the soap opera trailers we analysed from past student exam work "Standalone". The slow start to this song creates a very suspended build to a climax that is quite heart aching and powerful. however, the song is too 'feel-good' and dramatic for our piece as we outline the 7 deadly sins which is quite a sinister subject. Plus the slow start and build lasts for 1 minute which is too long for when we need a climax, and again there are no lyrics in the song which would make our piece again look quite bland.

 I Guess I'm Floating by M83

This is a very slow and calm song, very similar to the previous song due to the same artist being present, however this piece of audio is more atmospheric, drawing the audience in. It has a sound that connotes mystery and suspense, however is more peaceful and calming than the piece of work that we are producing. We can also hear the sound of children playing in the background which can be translated as quite sinister. however, the song is again too repetitive and would not build on our story that we have for our trailer.

Crazy In Love by Beyonce (L'Orchestra Cinematique)

This piece of music is an instrumental cover of Beyonce's Crazy In Love, produced using an orchestra, which connotes authority and wealth in relation to the entertainment value they used to have for the rich in previous decades. This wealth and authority that the song connotes fits out atmosphere perfectly, with characters in our trailer "keeping up appearances", however showing their troubled side. Fitting this type of instrumental structure with a popular contemporary song fit perfectly with our trailer as we see the contrast of the old and new presenting the contrast of trouble, yet high image.

I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys

This audio piece connotes mystery and suspicion, an idea that we wanted to produce through our music use. We wanted to include lyrics, which we are glad are used on here, although we don't believe that the lyrics match to what we are producing. The beat is slow, which emphasises the mystery of the piece, as well as connoting suspicion, which we see in the trailer through each character hiding their secret issues; it is hard-hitting and attractive to the young audience, especially as the Arctic Monkeys are huge at the moment.

Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood

Ignoring the beginning which starts with talking, we are thrown in to a heavy beat, immediately making the audience feel enticed to know what the trailer is. The lyrics fit perfectly to what we are demonstrating in our trailer, opening with "I think I found hell", which illustrates our idea of each character fighting their own personal devils. This fits perfectly, although we still enjoy the idea of a new, contemporary song being revamped to connote a mysterious tone, like the 'Crazy In Love' remix.

Say My Name/ Cry me a River by The Neighbourhood (Destiny's Child/ Justin Timberlake cover)

This, like the L'Orchestra cover of Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love', is one of our favourites for the music to pair with our trailer. The change of tone of a popular song connotes a mood that seems mysterious, which intruiges our potential audience members to watch our Soap Opera, as they believe that not everything is as it seems. Using a cover song of a popular hit is a great way of enthusing an atmosphere, especially when the tone of music is so different and a lot slower than the original, and the heavy and slow beat entices our prospective audience to be curious about our soap opera, with the characters and the narrative techniques decided to use, meaning that this music  use would be beneficial for enticing more people to watch our soap opera.

You're The One That I Want by Lo-Fang

[Henry and Kira]

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