Thursday 9 October 2014

Filming schedule

Filming schedule

9th October- Pride Family Scene

Location: School field
Time: 2.00pm
Actors needed: Laura Dunne, Shaun Klopper
Props/ Costume: Digital Camera, Tripod, Yellow Dress, Yellow Ties, White Shirts and Black Trousers.

14th October- Wrath Scene

Location: Kira’s house
Time: 9.00am
Actors needed: Henry Ward, Kira Stokes
Props/ Costume: Kitchen Utensils, Fake Blood, Plates, Knife, Black Shirt, Black dress

16th October- Vanity and Sloth Scene

Location: Alice’s house
Time: 2.00pm
Actors: Beth Deans and Alice Smith
Props/ Costume: Wine bottle, Wine Glass, Food Wrappers, Light Blue Top, Grey Trackies, Purple Top

21st October- Greed and Envy Scene

Location- The Sand Hills
Time: 9.00am
Actors- Ryanna Nodwell, Kira Stokes, Henry Ward and Alice Smith
Props/ Costume: Male Wedding Ring, Photograph, Lighter, Pink Shirt/Tie, Red/Black Dress, Black Dress and Black Hoodie

23rd October- Lust Scene

Location- Joseph’s house
Time: 2.00pm
Actors needed: Joseph Peacock and Sophie Byrne
Props/ Costume: Red Jumper/T-Shirt, Red Dress/Top.


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