Thursday 2 October 2014


Analysis of sample fonts:

This font was used for the poster sample, and fits in with the background photo. The font is serif and similar to a calligraphic font. When featured in the poster the font was coloured white instead of black, so that it would stand out amongst the dark and dramatic background.

As a more simplistic font, this utilises the sans-serif design. It is also italicised, which emphasises the effect while still allowing the font to remain subtle and understated.

While somewhat similar to the above font, it features additions that appear on serif-type fonts. This particular one is akin to that of the font used in Eastenders, due to the traditional style and appearance.

In contrast to the other fonts, this is in block capital letters which gives a very dramatic effect. It stands out and manages to look loud due to the boldness of the letters. Furthermore, there is a slight shine to the font which gives it a three dimensional effect that further emphasises and aids the boldness. This type of font is an example of what wouldn't be suitable for our soap opera trailer, since it appears too garish. 

This font also makes use of block capital letters, but the thinner and serif nature of the font makes it more fancy and sophisticated. The swooping edge on the letter ‘s’ compliments the alliteration of the title “Sinner Street”.


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