Monday 1 December 2014

Re-filming scenes 14-15

Today we had to re-film the scene representing sloth as the shots we got when filming at Alice's house where not as we expected and we where unhappy with what they looked like when edited into the final film. We also had to ask Sarah Ritter to be the actor within this scene as Alice, Henry and Beth who where all in the previous version of the scene now appear in other places throughout the trailer.

The scene still include all of the elements which appeared in the last version such as the wine glass, the wine bottle and the number four however we decided to shoot these from a different angle and we also decided not to include as many scenes as before as we felt that they where unnecessary.

We shot this scene on a different day to the shot before this so we had to ensure that everything matched up and that nothing was out of place to ensure that continuity was continued throughout the two shots especially as they are next to one another and are also a form of cross cutting.

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