Tuesday 9 December 2014

Questionnaire Results

We carried out a viewing of our soap opera trailer for 'Closed Doors' which we used as a practical way to carry out primary research. We filmed the audience reactions to our trailer, as well as giving them a questionnaire to fill out after the viewing so that it was fresh in their minds and we could gain their honest opinion. We filmed a few audience members for a larger depth of analysis in to their thoughts of our trailer, including what we could specifically do in order to improve our trailer and reach our target market of 16 - 24 year olds. Here are the results that we gathered from our questionnaire:

Question 1 - Did you think that the trailer was well-produced?

“It was very well produced.”
“I thought it was very effective.”
“I liked the camera angles and the way they were put together.”

Question 2 - Was the trailer appropriate for the target audience of 16 - 24 year olds?
"The young characters in the soap appeal to the young audience"
"It was dramatic and exciting"
"Young relatable characters"
"Really reached out to the audience"
"Very engaging"
"Effective and thought provoking"

Question 3 - If the soap were to be aired on TV next week, would you watch it?

“Yes, however more detail could be made on the storyline”
“I don’t usually watch soaps but I would watch this”
“Intrigued by the characters and how the story pans out”
 “Not the type of soap I would watch, however still looks good”

Question 4 - Do you think that the soap differed from the other soaps already aired?
"Interesting idea yet still plausible"
"Due to it being based on the 7 deadly sins"
"The trailer would flow better if it was based on one theme (sin) rather than all 7"
"Can soaps ever be different? Most characters do have the stock traits however very edgy and based on a good original idea"
"Very unique and looked new and fresh "
"More sinister than other soaps"
"Enjoyed the 7 deadly sins theme"
"Showed a new take on soaps this worked very well"
"Didn’t see quite as naturalistic as other soaps"
"It looked at normal life and issues faced by everyone"

Question 5 - What changes do you think could be made to improve the soap?

"I think it was good but the music would need to be faded out"
"A slight better clue of the plot, for example, is it about characters cursed with sin or about them sinning?"
"The ending needs to be less abrupt"

[Alice, Jake and Kira]

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